Our Benefits

1. For most people sleeping with only one pillow is just not enough right . . . so what do we do?

Are you familiar with what we like to call “pillow herding?” When you get into bed you probably arrange 2, 3, or possibly more pillows around you very carefully in order to be able to simply fall asleep comfortably. Unfortunately, as soon as you move once in your sleep the pillows have moved as well. The problem is that no matter how carefully you place the pillows at the beginning of the night, as soon as you shift positions they are guaranteed to move and eventually end up either on the floor, or wedged under our back. This is what leads to the “pillow herding” that most people struggle with as they toss and turn, continuously rearrange pillows, and struggle to stay comfortable long enough to get some restful sleep...

2. Have you ever stopped to consider that your “standard” rectangular bed pillow is shaped to fit your bed, not you?

The traditional rectangular bed pillow was not designed to fit the shape of our bodies; it was designed to fit the shape of our bed! In fact, there is no way 1 or even 3 individual “standard” pillows can support our body consistently as we change positions throughout the night. Fortunately, SNOOZER® Body Pillows are specifically designed to follow the natural motions and positions of the body as it moves throughout the night. This unique, contoured shape cradles the body just like having multiple pillows in one design… In other words, “no more pillow herding”.

3. How is a SNOOZER® Body Pillow going to improve your sleep quality?

In order to stay comfortable for extended periods of time, and truly get a restful night sleep, you have to support your entire body. Even the best mattress in the world only supports underneath us, therefore we use pillows to fill in the gaps. Unlike multiple “standard” pillows that will move around on you, when you use a SNOOZER® Body Pillow you get the targeted support you need all night long. Therefore, this unique design will allow you to naturally move during the night and your body will be continuously cradled in luxurious support. The main health benefit of the SNOOZER’s® patented design is it’s ability to support the hips and shoulders evenly which helps to keep the spine in its proper alignment. This can help you eliminate the tossing and turning, pillow repositioning, and common cramps that are commonly associated with a bad night’s sleep.

Fortunately, there is a solution - the patented line of SNOOZER® Body Pillows for adults and children.

The SNOOZER® Body Pillow product line includes a Full Body, Upper Body, and Kid's Full Body Pillow. All of these conform to the natural curves of the human body and support the four basic sleep positions and all sleep position variations.

The SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow combines the comfort and support of three pillows in one unique design, while theSNOOZER® Upper Body Pillow combines the comfort and support of two pillows in one design. The SNOOZER®Child's Full Body Pillow is designed for a child's smaller physical size and is recommended for children between three and 10 years of age.

This provides the same benefits as the adult pillow and also promotes healthy
sleep positions and habits during an important developmental period in a child's life.

A good night’s sleep can be hard to get when you are pregnant or a new mom! Find Snoozer pillows, maternity sleepwear, and more at these maternity clothing stores in your local area.